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Jumpstart Your Energy with a Spring Cleanse!

It’s Spring, and it feels like it’s really time for us to thrive. It’s getting warmer out, the days are getting longer, and our once frozen universe is erupting in the prettiest blooms of flowers! This time of the year always energizes me and makes me feel like cleaning, clearing, and organizing. It’s a great time of the year to do the same for our bodies as well!

Why Cleanse?

Ayurveda believes that the root of all disease is caused by toxins, or ama, from undigested food in our bodies. When our digestion works optimally, our body is able to break down our food, take the nutrition it needs to feed all of the cells in our body and regenerate new, healthy tissue, and then dispose of what it doesn’t need as waste.

Unfortunately, our bodies do not always run optimally, and sometimes our digestion is not strong enough to get the nutrients it needs to feed our cells and tissue. This can eventually cause issues like lethargy, poor vitamin and mineral absorption, anemia, poor bone density, weak muscles, low blood pressure, and worse. Our bodies can also struggle with getting rid of waste properly which can feel like gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and excessive fat storage.

An ayurvedic cleanse uses a gentle, but "stimulating" diet to help heal our guts, clear out ama, improve our digestion and therefore improve our nutrient absorption, and maybe even lose a few of our winter pounds. It accomplishes all of this through a nourishing, easily digested mono diet. Kitchari is one of the oldest superfoods, and it’s basically a mixture of basmati rice and split mung beans mixed with vegetables and spices. Mung beans are easily digested by all three doshas, and they are also a great source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Sorry to be gross, but basically they absorb all of the excess water in your digestive tract while adding bulk to your stool. Think of them as a scrub brush for your digestive tract!

Eating this combination with some fresh, seasonal vegetables three times a day for 5-7 days will make a remarkable change to your energy and digestion! Why do we cleanse for this long? Well, we know that our blood completely replenishes itself about every 5 days. Cleansing for this long gives our body enough time to flush all of the old blood that may be carrying an insufficient amount of nutrients to keep all of the cells in your body their strongest.

How to do a spring cleanse

For ayurveda, your body, mind, and spirit are connected, and our digestion also shares a connection with these channels. This really makes sense because if you’ve ever been under a lot of stress, have you ever gotten a stomach ache? Lost your appetite? Wanted to eat your feelings? With this in mind, it’s important to be really gentle with yourself during a cleanse. Set a daily routine for yourself that includes getting up with the sun, having a glass of warm or room temperature water with lemon, adding a meditation and some gentle exercise like yin yoga or a walk outside, eating three meals, engaging in as much self care as you possibly can, and going to bed early. Treat yourself! Be gentle.

In the morning you can make your kitchari for the whole day. Now, I personally have a hard time eating the same meal three times a day every day, so you could also have oatmeal cooked with water and apples, sweetened with dates and some cinnamon for breakfast. Your other two meals should be kitchari, and it’s best to make a fresh batch every day. If that’s not practical for you, you could make a bigger batch for a few days. It’s also best not to snack if you can resist it. If you can't resist it, try having some fresh fruit. The idea here is to give your digestive tract a break, and sticking to three meals a day between 8AM and 7PM gives your body time to break down the food you’ve eaten properly.

Ready for your cleanse? Here’s a great recipe from Not That Kind of Vegan that is tri-doshic (can be eaten by vata, pitta, or kapha), and includes seasonal spring veggies!

If you would like a more personalized cleanse with kitchari specifically for your imbalances, along with a daily routine and check ins, we would also love to help work on a plan specifically for you! Contact us today to book an appointment!

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