Ayurvedic Nutrition Coaching


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic Medicine is one of the oldest and longest standing forms of medicine.  Ayurveda first documented its procedures in writing over 5000 years ago, but the oral tradition existed in India long before.  The Vedas detail a path to health that includes the body, mind, and spirit, and shares a close connection to yoga, and meditation as well.


One of the primary beliefs of Ayurveda is that we are not what we eat, but what we digest.  If one doesn’t have good digestion, than we are not getting the nutrients our bodies need from the food we eat.  Not getting the right amount of nourishment from our food is the basis of disease. Ayurveda also recognizes that we all have unique body types and digestion, so there is no one diet that works for every person.  How do we improve our digestion? By eating the right foods for our individual constitution, exercise, and establishing grounding daily routines.


Let Nourished Ayurveda help determine the best types of food for you!  We focus on a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle and eating as many fresh foods as possible.  We will also help you work on a daily routine that best manages stressors in your life that can lead to frustration at its best, and disease at its worst.  If you’re not ready to switch to a Whole Food Plant Based life yet, we’re happy to work with all diets and lifestyles. Rember, perfect is the enemy of good, and we’re here to coach your way to feeling like the best possible version of yourself one step at a time!



Online Ayurvedic Nutrition Initial Consultation: $40

I’ll determine your dosha (constitution) and assess your primary health goals.  Based on your dosha, your current state of digestion, and your goals, we'll come up with a lifestyle and diet that meets your needs to get your health back on track!


Follow up sessions: $30

Accountability is so important when we make improvements to our lives!  Follow up sessions can be as often as you like to check in and see what is and isn’t working.  We can fine tune your diet and routine, and you can have a point of check in to ensure you’re sticking to the plan!


Ayurvedic Cleanse: (customizable)

Sometimes our systems need a reset.  Our health and digestion can feel so run down that we occasionally need a big overhaul.  I will design a customized cleanse based on your dosha (constitution). The cleanse will consist of a gentle diet that will be easy for you to digest while your body heals.  The length of the cleanse could be anywhere from 3 days-21 days depending on your state of digestion and health.




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